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When Phil Murphy, owner of Next Door Storage with 14 properties nationwide, was seeking to better manage his facilities, he went hunting for a vendor to assist him. And while he found several different companies that could help, there wasn't a single firm that could do everything he was seeking.

"I was searching for a way to get a handle on what was happening at each facility. We were doing follow up calls with a set number of touches, but we weren't converting enough calls to clients," said Murphy. "I knew there had to be a better way to systematize the process."

And there was-when he created the company Call Potential. And while the firm was initially created to help the self storage industry, it's expanded to other industries as well. "Once I saw how well our company was performing using these services, I knew other companies could implement them as well.

Call Potential allows owners to put systems into place that will increase sales, decrease expenses, and accelerate employee productivity---by squeezing maximum value out of things that are already in place, but un-tapped. (Hence the name).

The self storage industry has an average conversion rate of 30% on incoming calls. Call Potential's client results are astounding. They have shown an increase of 26% in their rentals month over month after 30 days. A sales and follow up system makes site managers go from good to great when dealing with prospective renters who called, but didn't immediately rent from them.

The crucial catalyst is the site manager, who makes it all work because they embrace its usefulness at the front lines of the store. When front-line workers get a tool to make life easier, their performance and development accelerates by default. Operations executives get the profit impact on both sides of the balance sheet, and directors can supervise and manage with more precision and less micro-management.

Self storage owners can see results in a variety of ways:

  • Self-provisioned Numbers: Sales change frequently, and keeping up with offers is difficult. When managers use self-provisioned numbers to track their calls, they will never offer the wrong special or quote an incorrect price to a customer again.
  • Location Grading: Location is important to customers. Is it well lit? Clean? Safe? One missing light bulb can send customers elsewhere. Location grading ensures that offices are always kept in top condition.
  • Customizable Lead Capture Cards: If temporary or contract telemarketers are used, the customizable lead capture cards are an excellent addition. These cards make it easy for undertrained staff to identify a caller, become familiar with his history and make more sales. It's like a CRM without the training-or the work.
  • Follow-up Manager: When follow up calls are automated, staff has a much easier time remembering to make those calls, no matter how busy the office might be.
  • Hall of Fame: Let salespeople listen in on great calls, and they'll grow by example. This tool becomes even more valuable if salespeople have limited contact with each other.

"Ultimately, these tools gave me the confidence that we are doing everything we can to increase business. And it also is a way to make our manager do what they are doing even better," said Murphy.

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