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In 2010 the software company Qstrom was founded by Paul Darden and Ian Velasco. Their first program District Manager has become one of the fastest growing software in the self-storage industry. Within three years over 1000 facilities are now using District Manager Income Maximization and Auditing software. With Paul's 20-plus years of self-storage management experience on over 60 self-storage properties and Ian's exceptional programming talents; the two have created a data mining software that asks and answers the meaningful questions about a facility's tenants and its operations. Currently the software operates as a "add on" to the Sitelink management software but soon will support other self-storage management packages.

The goal of District Manager is to offer facility owners the ability to compete with the REITs by better understanding tenants and what their tolerance to rent increases are. In the future "Dynamic Pricing" similar to the airline industry will be available for the small and midsize facility operators. For example, it even looks at the weather conditions at the facility at the time that the rent increases are going to take effect. While the REITs typically look at 23-30 parameters to determine who, when and how much a tenant gets an increase, District Manager is currently analyzing 106 different data points to give both the maximum and optimum results.

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